The new Samsung Galaxy S3 and the fight against expectations:


Today we will be in London at the presentation of the  new Samsung Galaxy S3 , replacement of the successful S2, which for many – among them, a server – was the terminal of reference last year. I think that there is an aspect that is going to be even more interesting than the characteristics of the new terminal and it is how Samsung handles itself in a situation in which it had not been seen before in the telephony market:  handling the expectations created  around the launch .


And it is that the Koreans last year grew up in part being “a covered one”, with a franchise and media phone like the S2, but also with a fairly solvent mid-range of smartphones, which is what has ultimately given it volume. Since then they have tried their luck trying to create a new category with the Note (which I have not usually handled enough to conclude my first impressions, which suggest that rather than bringing together the best of the tablet and the mobile, the limitations of both have been enhanced), And now it’s time to examine what they have been able to do on the  Galaxy S3 .


What to expect? In Xataka they made a quite realistic analysis of  expectations about the Galaxy S3 : incremental hardware improvements, larger screen size, latest version of Android and, perhaps, announcement of a new Samsung cloud service. It would be reasonable, as  Apple did with iPhone 4s , disappointing those who expect an annual revolution in the sector, but also consolidating positions and brand.


In the  market in which the Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to compete right now there is no clear leader . My current preferences point to the  Sony Xperia S , mainly because it is the best in a  fundamental aspect for me in a smartphone in 2012 : an excellent camera that I have been testing for two weeks and on which I hope to write in depth very soon. But that is today, this year Apple will put a new terminal on the table, Nokia must finally show a franchise phone with Windows Phone, RIM will release phones with Blackberry 10 ( recently presented ), it will be necessary to see if Motorola, Huawei, HTC and Panasonic are plugged into the market… but today is the day of the S3, we will be live at  and on  your Twitter

Author: Roy Gonzalez