Facebook Messenger, now with read confirmation


One of the most widespread hoaxes related to WhatsApp is that the double  tick  means that the recipient has read our message (what it means is that the message is already on the recipient’s phone). And the truth is that many people would like to know if the message we have sent has been read by the person, not just received.


Facebook is going to launch an update  to its messaging service to allow, precisely, to know if a message has been read by our recipient (even if it has been sent through a group). Incidentally, in addition, it will also show information about the location (although it was already available before, although not at a glance).


Although I imagine that  these features may be optional and deactivatable , like so many others within the social network: there will be people who do not like that this information is known by our contacts. Personally, if I can, I will deactivate it: if I want to send a message to someone, they don’t have to know where I am!


Both features will soon appear in updates to Facebook Messenger on iOS and Android, and will eventually make their way to Facebook’s instant messaging web client.

Author: Roy Gonzalez