BitTorrent Inc could be preparing to change its name to Gyre Inc and launch new services:


Something is up  with  BitTorrent Inc, the company responsible for the BitTorrent protocol that  acquired the uTorrent app  a few years ago. Recently, in an alpha of the app that was released this week,  a certain Gyre Inc was mentioned instead of the company BitTorrent Inc  in the ‘About’ dialog. A BitTorrent spokesperson has assured that it was a simple mistake, but there seem to be reasons indicating that it may be something more than that.


The guys at TorrentFreak have searched for information about the company Gyre Inc, and it has the same physical address as BitTorrent Inc. The descriptions of the activities of both companies are the same in the  registry , and the name Gyre even appears in the terms of use of  the Share application  published by BitTorrent. That is to say,  there are quite a few reasons to suspect that BitTorrent may be thinking of rebranding itself as Gyre .


The image above gives us another proof, where  a vendor named Gyrecorp sells official BitTorrent and uTorrent t-shirts . You can  check it yourself . The reasons are completely unknown, but it is clear that something is being planned in the BitTorrent offices. There are many signs that the name Gyro in uTorrent’s ‘About’ panel was a simple slip by some programmer. In the source, without going any further, they talk about a service in preparation with which to integrate .torrent file download clients with browsers.

Author: Roy Gonzalez