Angry Birds allows you to embed levels in your web pages, the image of the week:


This week we learned of a story related to the popular and addictive, at least in my case, the Angry Birds game. Its new version,  Angry Birds Space reached 50 million downloads  in just over a month, a really impressive figure. However, another piece of news went a little more unnoticed, but I personally love it since  Angry Birds allows you to embed game levels in your web pages , so it deserves to be our image of the week.


To do this we have to do it through the application that this game has available on  Facebook . From now on we will only have to  play a level to be able to obtain the code  and embed it in our blog or page so that anyone who visits us can play. We don’t need to pass the level, the embeb option will appear on the screen that appears at the end of it.


From here we will have two options, one is to include the code in our page or blog, as in the example that I leave you at the end of the post, but also  to directly paste the url  that it provides us in the browser to be able to play. A great option to share on Twitter at any given time. We can only play the level that we have selected the code and if we want to play the full game it offers us to go to the Facebook application.


The truth is that  for Facebook it is a good move , since it has the possibility of capturing traffic thanks to the fact that once the level is completed, if the user wants more, the logical thing is to go to the social network to continue. For Angry Birds it is an opportunity to have a presence in even more places. For users, another opportunity to enjoy this great game.

Author: Roy Gonzalez